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Designing The Ultimate Luxury Baths

Designing The Ultimate Luxury Baths

Sunday, September 2, 2018
People tend to think of bathrooms as functional spaces, but modern baths are playing multiple roles

People tend to think of bathrooms as functional spaces, but modern baths are playing multiple roles for homeowners. From spas to retreats to wellness centers and even technology hubs — luxury baths are more functional and beautifully designed than ever before.

“People live stressful lives. Rather than leaving the comforts of their home to pay for a spa-like experience, homeowners are creating luxury baths,” says Neil Kelly Design Consultant Bettina Rasmussen. “It’s a trend we’ve noticed, primarily in master baths, over the last four years.”

Here are eight tips to help you create a truly lavish space.


Lighting is very important, whether it’s for reading while soaking in the bath or getting ready for the day. While accent lights allow you to create a soothing atmosphere, it’s also important to have sight lighting on your face. “Good lighting gives you an instant facelift,” says Rasmussen. “It helps you look and feel your best.” When possible, take advantage of natural lighting and “bring the outside in” with plants that appreciate warm, humid atmospheres.


Choose a piece that’s elongated with a higher seat for ultimate comfort. Other luxury features include heated toilet seats, bidets and toilets that flush with the simple wave of a hand.

Mirrors & Vanities

A good mirror has multiple functions. It can reflect natural night, give the illusion that the room is larger and serve as a decorative statement piece. Mirrors with integrated LED technology can also help give a crisp and bright light to the room. Uniquely shaped vessel sinks and contemporary lines are popular on the vanity. Porcelain, large-format tile and solid stone are ideal for countertops, no matter the configuration.


When it comes to extravagant showers, the sky’s the limit! From steam showers to digital controls to strategically-spaced shower sprays for the back, neck and legs, smart bathroom technology makes showering even more relaxing than ever before. Spa-like showers are often curbless and feature a fixed shower head, a handheld shower head, seat, digital controls and linear drains. One unique shower experience involves chromatherapy, which is a lighting system that infuses the space with color. Different hues are known to create different effects — for example, red is stimulating and blue is calming.